Villa Joseph Marie Calendar

Calendar for VJMHS  `19-`20

September 3rd Full Day of school

No Band or Lunch Lessons 38 Minutes or more Periods This year All Lunch lessons will be on Day 2 (½ Concert 2/2 Jazz)  6-2 (Concert/Drum Line)

Day 4&6-4  (Guitar/Orchestra)

All Morning   Bands are 7-7:50 AM

September 4th Wednesday Start Jazz Band and Lunch lessons (Day.2)

September  5th Thursday Guitar Class Starts No Lunch lesson

September 6th Friday Orchestra No Lunch Lessons (Mass)

September Monday 9th Drum Line  Day.5

September Tuesday 10 Concert Band  Day 6-4

September 21st Saturday   Band Bar B Q  4-6:30

September 26 Thursday Band Parents meeting mostly about Jazz Fest/Band Trip  and Car Wash Etc.

September 28th Band Car Wash Chick-Fil-A Newtown 10-12 PM

October 5th Set up for Open House 2-4 PM

October 6th Sunday Open House 10-12 PM Mass @9 AM

October 30th Wednesday AC Orchestra Auditions @4 PM

Place to be announced- Hopefully at Villa!

November 9th Saturday AC Band Auditions @8 AM @ Shanahan

November 22nd & 23 Friday/Saturday Show @7 PM

November 24th Sunday show @2 PM

December 1st Sunday Villa-Ghost Jr. Band(VGJB) Practice 2-4 PM in Regina Hall This counts as Service hours

December 2nd Monday Christmas at Barnes and Nobel 6-8 PM

December 4th Wednesday Twinning Village 10 AM-12:30 PM  Band and Choir

December 5th Thursday Music Audition will need Volunteers 6-9 PM

December 8th Sunday Christmas at Marie Hall 12-3 PM Duos and trio /Guitar class

December 10  Tuesday Band/Choir Concert @Villa 1:30 PM&7 PM @6:45 PM Drum Line Perform

December 15th Sunday  VGJB Christmas Concert @4:30 PM set up 1 PM Sound Check 3 PM

December 17th TRI M Induction Practice at 7:15 AM

January 7th Tri-M Inductions Practice 7:15 AM

January 8th Tri M induction ceremony @7 PM Freshmen are to Perform

February 1st Saturday @7 PM Flyers Game leave Villa @2 PM Arrive back @11PM

February Fri-Sun.7/8/9 AC Jazz and Choir at AB Ryan

February Fri-Sun. 21,22,23 AC Band Concert @2 PM @Bishop Shanahan

March 14th   VILLA JAZZ FEST @7 PM

March 20-22 Fri.-Sun. AC Orchestra  Place TBA

April 1st Wednesday Jazz Day At Villa  @10:30 AM

April 1st Coffee House  @7 PM

April 3rd-5th Fri.-Sun Spring Play  Fri. 8 AM &7 PM

Sat. @2 pm & 7 PM  Sun. @2 PM

April 6-9 Mon.-Thurs. BAND TRIP

April 28th Tuesday Spring Concert 1:30 PM&7 PM

6:45 PM Drum Line

April 30th Thursday Spring Open House